Hi I’m Meg. Thanks for visiting my blog!


What is the meaning of life? What was I put on this earth to accomplish? What’s my Shtick?

No idea.

But I hope to explore the little things I love in order to find out.

I’m a thirty something full time Mom and part time nerd. I live in the suburbs of Dallas with my husband and toddler son. In the years since I graduated with my Masters in Sociology I have divided my time between odd jobs, wif-ing, mothering, and overloading my eReader with urban fantasy. I also spend many hours overdosing on Dr. Who, Sherlock Holms, Supernatural, and all things Joss Whedon.

Let me share with you the little joys I have stumbled upon: books, movies, interesting people, and domestic thoughts. One day I might get my shtick together but, for now, I’ll enjoy the journey.


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